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One of our leading and promising areas is the development of mobile applications for business. Our main goal is to help you choose one of the best and best options for solving the task of developing a mobile application for entrepreneurs of small and large businesses.

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Hours spent on development

Exclusive Projects with cool design

Team members working on one App

Team work

A dedicated team is formed for each project, which devotes 100% of the working time to one product. Focus allows the team to be highly productive and perform tasks efficiently.

We develop mobile iOS and Android apps
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How it works

We create a thoughtful, intuitive interface that provides the convenience and efficiency of using the application. We develop a map of transitions on the screens. We develop an interactive prototype.

We program a high-quality and competitive product that can use all the features of the device. We are developing mobile applications in the native language of devices (Objective-C, Swift for iOs, Java for Android). We provide maximum performance and reliability of the mobile application.


We analyze the market, tasks and goals. We analyze the target audience of the mobile application. We analyze competitively.

UI / UX Design
We develop a unique interface design that matches modern design trends and takes into account all the goals, requirements, tasks (we do not use template solutions).



We have nothing to hide. Working with us, you monitor the progress of development in real time.


Our prices are below the average market price due to the use of Scrum's flexible development methodology and process automation.


A flexible development methodology allows you to launch a minimally viable product in the shortest possible time.


We provide an unlimited warranty on the product we developed and also offer services accompanied by.


Providing a high level performance we create reliable and secure mobile applications, which is nice to use.

Marka Touch

We are always open for any offers and partnership. And ready for mutually beneficial cooperation both with new partners and with our by customers.

  • Engineering100%
  • Programming100%
  • UI / UX Design100%
  • Analytics100%

Marketing packaging. We prepare screenshots, texts, descriptions, keywords. We are creating infographic and illustrations. We are developing a selling video clip for apps. We are developing a landing page for promoting a mobile application. We publish the application on the Apple Store and Google Play.

Promote your app
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The most difficult tasks we solve simply!

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